General Questions

Why are some specifications not listed?
Some vendors do not publically list certain information. BlueTools lists all specifications that are publically listed.

Why some of the plugs have the exact same specifications?
Plugs are occasionally modeled after others, which results in very similar dimensions. Vendors also may be purchasing and re-branding plugs from the same source.

What other tools do you have?
Stay tuned; we have a lot more to come. If you’d like to make suggestions, please contact us at

Why are you missing plugs?
If you find something is missing, please contact us at Things change quickly and we do our best to keep things up to date!

Why did you create BlueTools?
Our primary goal is to create efficiencies at E P operators. BlueTools is a simple and free tool that aims to save you from hours of sales calls, unconsolidated information, and messy spreadsheets.

What does “Adv Drill Time” mean?
Advertised Drill Time. This comes from the vendor and we make no guarantees about their accuracy. We choose the high end of what is advertised; if the vendor says “13-20 minutes”, we record 20.

What are the different isolation methods?
Some plugs have optional inserts for isolation. The plug body remains the same, but the inner mechanism changes slightly.

What does NL mean?
Not Listed. This means that the vendor has not publicized this information.

Who do I contact if I have other questions?
Please email us at

Who produces BlueTools?
FlowCommand Inc. is the proprietor of BlueTools. For questions, please contact